Friday, June 20, 2008

take me out to the ball game...

or at least take ella out! my sweet friend offered to let madeline come hang at her house tonight so that we could give ella a little bit of tlc! we headed to the national's game because they were playing the rangers...we were very secretive about the fact that we weren't rooting for the home team!!!!!!

ella continually yelled "go tigers!" (that's my girl!!!) and "go quarterbacks"!!!! the kid has lots to learn about baseball, but at least she knows what's important! she bleeds purple and gold like her mommy!

here is the rundown of our nutritional intake prepared to eat your tums from simply reading this...consider yourself warned!!!! one famous "1/2 smoke" smothered in mustard, cheese, onions & CHILI, one all beef hot dog - mustard only, one order of french fries, one coke, one lemonade, one order of dippin dots, & one bag of gummy bears! (given to ella by one of the ballpark employees...that made her night!!!) it was very yummy but i have to admit that i feel gross...even though we only got a few bites each!!!!!

we had such a fun time soaking in our little ella...being silly...talking with her...

she is growing up so fast.

i will have to say that her 7th inning stretch can't be beat by a mile...wish i had it on video!

we picked up madeline who was z'in it up & brought our little family home! thank you, jane for giving us this opportunity to give our undivided attention to our first born! it won't be long before maddie is going to get to go on some of these fun outings by herself!

we love you, ella! you're the best hot dog sharer, "football cheering", baseball date we've ever had!

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