Tuesday, June 10, 2008

betcha didn't know...

here are a few facts about each of my pumpkins that i bet you didn't know...

1. ella DOES NOT WANT PEANUT BUTTER TO COME NEAR HER!!!!! (weird - i know - i can hardly even talk about it)

2. maddie despises & i mean DESPISES having her diaper changed...which in turn, makes me despise changing her. i basically have to use the scissor hold to get her to stay still...too bad ella is afraid of poop...i may have to work on that one...

3. ella was born two weeks early...my water broke in the middle of the night on a sunday - just like my sweet ella - wanting to call the shots! what would we do without our precocious little one!

4. madeline has a beautiful "singing" voice...she can mimic just about any string of notes pretty much perfectly...what an amazing thing if she turns out to be the singer i have always wished i could be!!!!!!!

5. ella has expressed a strong desire to take drum lessons...yes, you just read correctly! we are looking into this - what does this mean? could the little girl who never goes a day without a bow potentially become a rockstar?!?!?!

6. madeline secretly covets the fact that ella gets to wear bows in her hair...she is constantly pulling ella's hair to prove it!!!!!!! one day, sweet maddie, one day!

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