Wednesday, June 18, 2008

back from the big apple...

with empty pockets and a heart full of memories!!!!!!

we had such a FUN time on our girls' trip! if you don't know, my mom took brooke and me to new york city for our 30th birthdays. no, we are NOT twins...i turned 30 last year and she turns 30 this year...but i was nursing my new baby last year so we decided to wait until i was "free and clear" to travel...sans breast pump or children!!!!!!!

my mom, being the energetic planner that she is, had everything mapped out to a tee. we went to see THREE broadway shows and shopped till we dropped! the last night we were there we stayed up until 2:45 a.m. - laughing until the last second our eyelids just couldn't stay open!

mom is what you would call a "pro" at NYC so she knew where we should go, when we should go, & how we should get there! we had a built in tour guide! we didn't have too many celeb spot tings...however, we did sit next to anthony wright (NY giant) at the lion king!!!!! WOOHOO! his superbowl ring was the size of a serving platter!

here is a list of a few highlights...

jersey boys. duane reade - box fan. naked cowboy (yes, he's real). the plaza. bergdorf goodman. FAO schwarz. COKE. cheeseburgers. double decker buses. flip flops. visiting friends. pizza. the little mermaid. cab ride (notice that's not plural). denim. smelly smells. family. phone calls from the girls. anthropologie. H&M. FUN!!!!!!

thank you, mom for a wonderful, amazing, fabulous vacation! it will definitely be a time that will be tucked away in my treasure box of memories! i can't imagine two other people i would have rather shared the experience with! i love you both.


i must get on my soap box for a moment. to all of my fab friends that have precious little boys - please take every opportunity to teach them what it means to be a gentleman. as three women, all of whom are vertically challenged, tried to hoist our extremely heavy luggage (remember those empty pockets) up the steps & over our heads...NOT ONE ABLE BODIED MAN OFFERED TO HELP US! i am pretty sure i dislocated my shoulder and sprained my wrist trying to do a "man's job"!!!!! i still don't know why i am so appalled by this...i just think that our generation could bring "chivalry" back!!!!!!!!!!

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Liz Folds said...

Mere-don't worry! My sons would have helped in a New York second!
I'm so glad I have a grand daughter now.....maybe she and I can do NYC one day!
Love you all,
Aunt Liz