Thursday, June 19, 2008

christmas in june...

i know, i's christmas in july! but who am i to argue with a four year old that has christmas on the brain and wants to celebrate TODAY! so, we dusted off the christmas cookie cutters, dug our heels in, and made some christmas sugar cookies!!!!! it is currently 6:27 p.m. - the girls have had NO supper but they have each devoured two tiny candy canes and christmas trees! they are probably thinking "mom is pretty cool"...i am thinking "how dumb is this to let them eat cookies before dinner...they could have served as a wonderful bribe to get them to eat some vegetables!". oh well, what's done is done!

ella had a great time decorating them, maddie had a great time watching them bake and BOTH enjoyed eating them!!!!!!

maybe we'll make sailboats and beach balls in never know what you're gonna get as a price!

christmas tree anyone?

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