Monday, June 2, 2008

the story of us...

jeffrey & i celebrate our 7th wedding anniversary today...whew, what a seven years it has been! if you would have asked me when we met if i would have EVER been living in washington d.c., i probably would have looked at you as if you had just dropped down from another planet!!!!!! time sure does change things!

our wedding was such an amazing event - i LOVED every second of the preparation, the planning, & the day itself! i was SOOOO nervous...i remember telling one of my bridesmaids that i just needed to see jeffrey and she said "do you want me to go get him RIGHT now"!!!! of course not...i had waited for the moment when he would see me in my dress for the first time for an entire year...i wasn't about to blow that one!!!!!! my mom had helped me plan every detail - right down to the ice cold milk served with the chocolate groom's cake. it is a memory that plays in my head like an old song...i never get tired of hearing it.

jeffrey & i knew pretty much from the moment we met each other that we would be together forever. i was so drawn to his charisma & zest for life. he is one of those "my cup is overflowing" types...he rarely lets life get the best of him. i knew he would make an incredible husband and daddy. we had so much fun together - laughing most of the time!

he asked me to marry him on may 29, 2000. he planned such a memorable and sweet engagement...perfect for me & very fitting for the two of us! he sent me on a scavenger hunt to all our "special" spots and he was at my final destination!!!!! with a ring!

our life together hasn't always been a fairytale, but it will always be a special story. like a good book that makes you want to curl up on the couch and get lost in time...& snort with laughter too!!! jeffrey makes me feel safe and he makes me feel proud. there is nobody else that i would rather call "husband".

jeffrey, thank you for choosing me to be your wife. you are all that i want and more than i deserve.
p.s. i love

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