Friday, September 25, 2009

going once, going twice...

hopefully, SOLD at the FBCS fall carnival silent auction this coming friday night!!!!!

what am i speaking of you might wonder? well, let me explain!

about a month ago, i was asked to help with the kindergarten's art project that was to be auctioned at the school carnival on october 2nd (yes, three small days before i give birth)...even though jeffrey thought i was nuts to take that on...i decided it was "doable", and gladly accepted the challenge! they wanted each grade to have a theme that incorporated each child's hand print, fingerprint, or thumbprint!

well, what started out as helping out with k-5 quickly turned into meredith painting ALL of the art projects for k-3, k-4, k-5, and first grade!!!!! i think i could take up residence at first baptist, and maddie officially thinks she is enrolled in gran's class as a four year old!!!! thankfully, i LOVE this kind of thing...and while the timing has been a bit unfavorable, i finished the last one yesterday!

i think they turned out pretty cute...and hopefully, all the moms and dads that will be bidding will think so too!

k-3 : "where the wild things are"

k-4 : "garden of knowledge"

k-5 : "we're all a buzz..."

1st grade : "ABC's & 123's" all about it!!!

for all of you "labor and delivery" enthusiasts (i happen to be one of them!)...just thought i would give the update from yesterday's doctor visit!

things are in motion...which makes my stomach flip for multiple reasons!!!!!

for starters, dr. w is out of town today and tonight & next please say a prayer that baby price does not decide to make his or her debut without said doctor's presence...that would make said mommy E.X.T.R.E.M.E.L.Y sad...ok, enough about that - it just simply cannot happen!!!!


for that fact that i haven't gotten a car seat, washed a single item of newbie clothing, set up the bassinet, etc...ok, enough about that too!


(if you think that "stats" about certain "parts" are TMI - quit reading)...

i am dialated to about 1.5 cm, effaced about 50-60%, and baby is head down in +1 station...

at least at this point, we are still "on" for a birthday of october 5th!!!!! G.U.L.P.
(and so very excited to meet our new son or daughter!!!!)

i go back on monday and thursday of next week...just to make sure everything still looks favorable...

until then...

we're 9 1/2 days and counting!!!!!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

if this isn't love...

i don't know what is.

Saturday, September 19, 2009


fight all the way!!! go fightin' the game today!!!!

our cutie pies
doing their cheer moves as follows...

we love these little tigers!!!!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

there was an old lady...

that swallowed a watermelon...and that would be ME!!!!!!

this is what our baby "looks" like at 36 weeks! we went to the doctor today...and there is no progress yet...but we're pretty sure that the head is down - which is a huge relief for me!!! at this point, we are still "on go" for october 5th and i couldn't trust dr. waterfallen any more if i tried. he is THE BEST and i am so thrilled that he will be a part of this "special delivery"!!

ella and maddie are excited about "our baby" and are convinced that they are having another sister! i know one thing's for sure - this newbie won't be lacking in the attention department! maddie is very funny because when she wants to see "the baby"...she insists that i lift my shirt up - apparently seeing the big bump underneath my shirt just doesn't cut it! ella likes watching my skin roll from side to side! it is so neat to see the way the age difference has them interested in such different ways.

it is strange to think that this pregnancy will come to a close so seems like it has flown by...and so many days, i really have to remind myself that there's a little human being in there!!!! i am trying to relish all the tiny movements (and the big ones), trying not to resent the billion times it feels like i visit the restroom during the day and night, and just enjoy these last few weeks as a "mommy to be"!

17 days and counting…

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

long post...

yes, it has been an extremely long time since i felt inspired to post about our extremely crazy life...but today felt like a good day to shout from the rooftops that -


after spending most of the summer of 2009 apart, we finally have our hero back! well, technically he's not back yet - but he's in the air!!!!! his girls could not be more excited...and i'm definitely included in that bunch!!!!!
daddy is the missing piece on a lot of days...and i think we'll all feel a bit more complete with him home...and of course, his "honey do" list has gotten quite large!!! we have SO much to do before this baby comes in just a couple of weeks...and yes, i did just type that!!! AAAAAHHHHHGGGG!!

we have been super busy around here getting used to being back in school, taking on projects as room mom of both daughter's classrooms, painting furniture to be auctioned at FBCS fall carnival, going to OB appointments, growing a baby, fixing lunches, starting ballet, visiting with fabulous family, friends, and neighbors...

you know...

just living life. in the fast lane.

i don't know what i would do without all of mom and dayne's help...they definitely make this "single parenting" thing a bit easier!!! aunt cookie helps out too!

although life is quite busy...we are all QUITE happy!

while this cute couple went on a "date" last night...
this precious peanut and i...
hung out and did lots of girly girl things!!!! she wanted to put on makeup...and that is just what we did! lots of lip gloss was applied to those precious lips! she also wanted her hair in "pig tails" like ella! hmmm - that's a bit hard to do without the hair part...but we tried our best! could you just eat her with a spoon...yeah, i thought so too!!!!!!!!

after the beautification process was complete, we set out on her tricycle to deliver some friendship bread to the neighbors! all you could see from the doorway were her little sprouts sticking was too cute for words! we made our way home just in time to welcome ella & grandpa back home!

i can't believe that my madeline is about to lose her spot as "our baby"...but no doubt, she isn't planning on giving up the cute factor any time soon! (neither is her sister for that matter...)

i go tomorrow for a "baby check" i will be reporting the details...we can hardly wait to meet this new member of the price family!!!!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

a st. paul's day school friend lives here!!!!!

our little miss madeline started her preschool today...she will in fact, as she will proudly tell you , be a "puppy" this year! we went for orientation last week and she was a little unsure when i left the room...but today, after a small amount of hesitation, headed right in to play with playdough!!! she looked just precious waiting for me to pick her up in the carpool line...with her tiny little backpack on - i could truly eat her with a spoon!!!!!

it was funny listening to her tell me about the's like she has some sort of sixth sense that it drives me crazy that ella won't tell me anything...because she was definitely trying to spill the beans! here are a few of the "facts" that i learned from her:

*mrs. poleman gave her lots of hugs
*she played with black playdough
*they ate candy (aka smarties...she technically promptly ate those as soon as she got in the car...they were in her backpack!)
*mrs. poleman told them not to get into the sandbox today on the play ground
*she "poo pooed" at school (sorry people...just relaying the facts!!!!)
*they ate "goldsish" (aka goldfish) for a snack with water to drink
*they sang songs...sounded a little bit like "head & shoulders, knees, & toes"
*she has some "siends" (aka friends) named chloe, "hewen" (aka helen), & patrick
*mrs. poleman is "seet" (aka sweet)

folks - just for the record...this is more detailed information than my 5 1/2 year old has shared with me in the 2 1/2 weeks she has been in school!!!!! i just wish i could be a fly on the wall in both of their i would know every ounce of what was going on!!!!!

i know that madeline's year is going to be great! she was armed with a "puppy placement" and some "pink play dough" that "mrs. poleman" sent home today...what a fun treat from a special teacher! we have been told that mrs. p is the huggiest, loviest, sweetest teacher...and i would say that after just meeting her twice, i would agree! you can see it in her eyes and hear it in her laughter that she loves what she does...and she loves our little ones!!!!

we love you so much, boo boo!!!! don't grow too fast or i just might have to "cwy" (aka cry)!!! you are such a sweetheart and mommy & daddy could not be more proud of you!