Monday, July 27, 2009

29 weeks and counting...

i have been feeling incredibly guilty that i haven't posted more pics of my ever growing belly...mostly because i know i will want to remember this time once it has come and gone (because i certainly haven't slowed down in "real time" to really savor this experience)...anyway, yes, i have a head - but i feel extremely silly posing for the camera by myself - and let's face it...the belly pic is what we are really after isn't it?!?!?!

we are anxiously awaiting the moment we get to meet our next addition...jeffrey and i must ask ourselves at least once a day "are we having a boy or a girl?"!!!!!! only time will tell...and i have a feeling it will be here before we know it!

i will post more...but i have two little girls who are still hungry despite the fact that breakfast was just served!!!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

there's no place like home...

wow, does it feel good to be back home! it has been an e.X.h.A.u.S.t.I.N.g couple of weeks - combined with both of my girls being sicker than they have ever been in their whole the same time...but we are here, we are mostly settled, and somehow i am still comfortably pregnant!!!!

our street is truly wonderful...and the reception that we have received from our friends and neighbors has been nothing short of amazing. we have had everything from warm cakes straight from the oven, fresh baked cookies, casseroles, 4 course meals, help with fence building, and visits on porch swings! i absolutely LOVE it!!!!!

as most of you know, we moved in right next door to one of my very best friends' parents (aka gran and poppy)...and they are just about every great adjective you could imagine! gran helped us unpack boxes, brought us lunch and snacks, washed countless numbers of sheets and towels, and even made our bed for us! i told her that everybody needs a "gran" in their lives and i mean that from the bottom of my heart! poppy is just as wonderful...helping jeffrey rip out chain link fence and then build the new one!!!!! we feel so blessed to have them so close...and i will have to show you the "secret garden" door that my girls LOVE to use to get to them!!!!!

mom and dayne have been absolutely W.o.n.D.e.R.f.u.L. they never tire of helping us out whether it be in the heat of the day or the dark of night. ella and maddie are in heaven being able to see them so often...and quite frankly, so am i!!!! i'm still walking on air!

"aunt cookie" (aka brooke) has been so great as well! she, along with suzie & carmen, helped us out with "kid camp" during those first few days of the move and i will always be grateful to them. i knew that my kiddos were well taken care of and i could rest my mind...while unable to rest my body!!!!! the girls were royally spoiled...i don't think they missed us very much at all!!!!!

the tucker family came to our rescue as well the very first weekend...enduring some "not so convenient" accommodations...and they did it all with a smile on their face! we love to visit with these guys but the weekend left little time to visit...we W.O.r.K.e.D...and hard! amy helped me on the inside while jeffrey, dave, and nate melted on the outside...what a hard working crew! we can't wait to have them back for a little r&r!!!!!!

as you can see...i am just filled with so much gratitude. i feel so blessed to have been given this opportunity...and i don't plan on taking any of it for granted! i have to brag on my hubby...he has been nothing short of amazing! he has proven once again that he can fix, build, load and unload a.N.y.T.H.i.N.g! he has worked so hard...on top of working! his girls (all three of us) sure do love him a lot!!!!!

and last but not didn't take long for my little family to fit right back into the is what the trio looked like when they returned from wal-mart last week...
man i love these three!!!!!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

it's MOVING day...

and except for the fact that our stuff might not arrive today...we're geared up and ready!!!! HA! yes, that's correct! after calling our driver yesterday to casually check in, it was discovered that after an issue with the "big rig" - he wasn't able to leave until yesterday (one day later than planned)...SOOOOOOOO...there is a possibility that all of our earthly possessions won't arrive as planned either!!!!!!

somehow, i am remaining relatively calm and not so relatively pregnant...seriously people...let me just state in writing that I WILL NOT MOVE WHILE PREGNANT EVER AGAIN!!!!!!!! twice is enough in one lifetime i do believe!!!

it is fabulous to be in shreveport though and i know that this week will come and go and we will survive. the drive was not bad at all...we spent some fun time in savannah on our way down...

and now we sit. and wait. to unpack.

i promise to post some pics of our new pad once we get settled...which by my calculations with my mom on the job...should be in 24 hours or less!!!! ha, ha,ha!!!! i don't know if this is true or not...but i'm sure we'll try!