Sunday, June 22, 2008

history in the making...

i must admit that it is really fun having so much history right here in our won't suit me forever, but we are trying to take advantage of it for now! we packed the kids up yesterday and drove to visit the civil war battlefield of manassas. it was so neat to stand in the same place that so many confederate and union soldiers stood so many years ago and try to envision what they must have felt like.
to our surprise, ella LOVED the history behind everything. she was a bit afraid that the "canyons" (aka cannons) were going to go off in 2008...but other than that, she asked lots of questions and was genuinely excited to know about each "sign" that was along the trail.

the scenery served as an excellent backdrop for some beautiful pictures of the girls...yes, i know-i view a lot of my family's life from behind the lens!!!!! i love it! they were especially "lovey" today so i got some excellent shots that made our hearts melt! madeline is such a little "doddler" & takes her sweet time picking flowers, smelling them, & occasionally taking just a little bite. it is so precious to see her personality blossoming...i'm not sure, but i think she gets cuter by the day!

if that wasn't fun enough, on the way home...we might have discovered, in my expert opinion, the best ice cream in the metropolitan area. FYI - since madeline has been born many things about me changed...some i have already shared such as my hair being out of control wavy...another is my sincere love/hate relationship with ice cream! i crave the stuff! we drove through the historic downtown of clifton and spotted peterson's ice cream depot. oh yeah...this is gonna be great! i should have started "mooing" as we were walking up because i had eyes big enough for 4 stomachs! we ordered one "squish"...doesn't the name just want to make you eat it? it was 2 gigantic chocolate chip cookies with homemade vanilla ice cream "squished" in the middle. goodness. then we ordered a "clifton creek"...basically a very homemade version of a blizzard. ella got vanilla with fresh strawberries & maddie got red raspberry. YUM-YUM! it was really so good that i wanted to buy the t-shirt...i still might...because i know we will be going back!!!!! the girls enjoyed dancing to the live music - we really felt like we were transported back in time!

the ride home was like the cherry on top! since ella has been born, one of our favorite things to do is take drives on old country roads. as ella has gotten older, she loves to find "dips" in the road that take your stomach away. well, the road we were traveling on last night was like being on the texas giant! it was so much fun, we turned around twice so we could laugh some more. madeline has a sensitive stomach so she did not appreciate this too much...but the other three prices loved it! (thank goodness i did not have to clean up any remnants of madeline's dislike!!!)

it was such a fun day and we were sticky and worn out by the time we got home! i love making these memories with our girls. history of our past, history for our future, & ice cream...could it get any better?

hope you had a wonderful weekend...tell us what you did?

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Meredith said...

Beautiful pics! You're right-great backdrops. You guys have been doing a lot of fun trips lately.