Thursday, June 5, 2008

"mom, this is the best day EVER..."

this was ella's sentiment over going to our first spray park! it was really fun and ella & i were squealing before we got out of the car!!!!! she was in such a blissful state that she kept saying "i love you, mom"...ok, so ella - do you want to go to this park every day?!!!!!!!!!!!!? the spray part consists of water spouts coming out of the ground...and "sprouts" of water basically coming from the sky. there was even a bucket that would dump on your head for all of you "you can't do that on television" nickelodeon fans!!!!

needless to say...ella had a fantastic time...& i LOVED watching her have fun!

madeline wasn't quite as intrigued with the water...but she did manage to find the one dog in the whole park! that's my little madeline!

after a couple of hours in the hot sun, lots of snacks, & lots of laughs...we called it a day and headed home!

thanks megsy, william, carrie, & ava for joining us on this fun adventure! we enjoy every second we spend with you!

until next time...

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