Sunday, January 31, 2010


it's not just for big kids anymore!

friday night (or every night really) the girls and i hung out because daddy has been studying non stop preparing for the louisiana bar. when it came time to read books and go to bed, ava wanted in on the action! ella & maddie have officially "moved in" together and are now sleeping with each other on a regular basis. however, they welcomed miss priss with open arms...smothering her with lots of hugs and kisses! on the menu - "ladybug girl" and "fancy nancy and the poison ivy"!

i will have to say that ava was enjoying all the attention...and then LOVED the fact that she didn't have to go to bed right away...

her most favorite time of day was still to come...bath time!!!!! this sweetheart loves her bath with a passion that runs deep...just like her mommy!

i love the way our girls love each other...and i hope it will be that way forever. and ever.

and we'll all live happily ever after.

the end.

Friday, January 29, 2010

lucky 13...or so...

this by no means should indicate that i don't want people to keep commenting here...but i just have to say this:

granna - i am so glad that you are still visiting...and you win the prize for 1st comment! hope you are enjoying those sweet grand babies!

megsy - (aka sister friend) you are ever faithful! no doubt i can always count on you to give a shout out! gosh, do i ever miss you! why on earth did we not think to modge podge when i lived within driving distance from you? maybe one day!!!!!

mandy - if we want to talk about cute...we must talk about YOU and YOUR FAMILY! good grief! your little man is getting SO big. jeff's sister just moved to little rock so maybe we could get together with you and "uncle dunc" sometime soon! thanks for keeping up with us...i keep up with you too!!!!! :)

di - what can i say...we've stuck together in the blog world through lots of moves! so glad we both landed back in the south!!!! you know i'm a big fan of the hunter blog!!!!

jenny - so great to hear from you! i just ate a malted milk ball and i feel so guilty...knowing that you probably just juiced the entire produce section for your family! you are a.M.a.Z.I.n.G! i certainly hope that you can use the camping ideas one day...and maybe invite us to the know we love to do birthdays with you guys!!!!!!

rebecca - so excited to hear from a "painting me happy" follower! i'm hoping to start back soon...i really do miss it! i would love to meet you again sometime...did we do a painting with your kiddos' tootsies? what a crazy but fun day!

jennifer - oh, jennifer, i do still have your monkey painting! i see it almost every day!!!!! i can certainly get that to you very soon! so glad to hear that you are still stopping by the are precious!

liz - definitely one of the ole' faithfuls!!!! you are always so encouraging and i appreciate it so!

mom - you are simply the BEST! enough said! and about that "living in the same town thing"...we need to see you more!!!!!! :)

lori - don't know what happened there...'cause i certainly follow the davidson den! hopefully, that's cleared up now! see you guys soon...isn't it weird to say that now! thanks for all your commenting...always one i can count lots of ways!

emily - girl...great to hear from you! miss p. is Precious with a capital P you will notice!!! can't believe her big day is near...isn't being a mommy the best!?!? please send pics of the celebration...i know it will be fantastic!!!!

katie - now this is strange! i was at that huge indoor playground in little rock a couple of weeks ago with my kiddos and my nephews and i met a family...and the husband used to work with you! anyway, so funny that i would now hear from you! i am so proud of you for starting a has really been an amazing experience for me...and i love the fact that my girls will have so many moments of their life chronicled in the words of their mommy! please let me know what yours will be so that i can follow!!!!

carrie - you are such a sweetheart...and my girls adore you! thanks for following our blog...and i'll let you slide this time without remembering your login info...just kidding!!!! :)

brooke - you little sneak you! no comment...just a tiny little picture of lola on the right! i love you!

o.k. friends...please let me know if you stop by! i really do love it...just about as much as i love all of you!

uuh hum - laura...where are you miss priss?

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

wordless wednesday...

a few more pics from our latest birthday celebration...what a sweet, sweet girl!!!!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

please, please, pretty please...

ok peeps...i am so not afraid to beg, plead, get on my knees, shout from the roof tops, sing in public (ok - yes, i'm afraid of that last one!!!)...and ask my faithful blog readers to make yourself known!!!!

it is no secret that all blog writers absolutely love to hear from their blog readers. even though this blog is the journal of our daily life and i would do it without an also gives me a warm fuzzy feeling to think that people that we love, people we might want to love, & maybe just some plain old weirdos (just kidding!!!) are keeping up with our chaos!

i wish i could say that i have some fabulous giveaway...but i just simply don't...unless you would like to come over to my house and pilfer through the junk!!!! my blog is certainly not famous...but maybe for one post - i could break a record! please leave a comment for me...say "hey", introduce would make this mommy really happy!!!!!

if you really want to hit it out of the park...become a's so much easier than being a leader!

i say "thank you" in advance...happy commenting!!!!

Monday, January 25, 2010

calvin b. folds...aka "grandaddy"

we celebrated the life of my grandaddy today. based on the stories that were told, no doubt he was viewed by all as a wonderful man.

i am thankful for the moments that i was able to share with him during his last weeks...watching him open his eyes and smile at ava despite his condition is a memory i will take with me forever. even in his death, there was a kindness that radiated from him. watching him stroke my mom's hand, uttering sweet words, are priceless gifts that i believe we are given during times such as these. little blessings. tokens of what God is capable of doing in the lives of those we love.

i was struck today, sitting in the quiet of his service, by the circle of life. my baby daughter's life is just beginning...while my grandfather's has come to an end. and so it goes...i can only hope that she will live a life full of love and success...just like her great grandparents have.

he loved his family...and the people that he served and he worked tirelessly...because he loved what he did.

it is your turn to rest, grandaddy. and know that you were and are so very loved.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

camp ethan & maddie...

the pics from the birthday party haven't gotten back to us yet, but i just had to share a few from my camera as a little sneak preview! it was such a fun party and we were so thankful to share the occasion with so many special people!

we had a "camp out under the stars" (aka in the garage...thanks to some wet weather) and the kids had an absolute blast! we strung christmas lights on the ceiling so that the littles could do some star gazing...had s'mores to roast on the campfire...ate hot dogs from the "hot dog man"...sang songs around the campfire...played in tents with flashlights...and sent everyone home with a jar of "campout cookie mix"!!!!

it was such a fun night! thanks, ethan, for sharing your special day with maddie! we'll camp out with you any time!!!

jolly happy soul...

i made these little guys for maddie's school birthday party! it must have been a little warm because they started "melting" as we made the journey to school...but the kiddos loved them...even if they were laying down by the time they were served!!!

isn't she lovely...

Friday, January 22, 2010

other random order

birthday parties. packing. diapers. brownies. time with friends. laundry. decisions. big ones. grandaddy. death. blue coast. first laughs. mud. rubber boots. blessed. truly blessed. casseroles. pink. lots of pink. s'mores. thrush. very horrible thrush. straightening. snowmen cupcakes. photo sessions. girl time. walmart at night. valentine happies. lack of sleep. vet appointment. foot rubs. playtime. holding an utterly amazing baby girl. prayers. spring pj's. cuddles. new colors. cold. cookie cake. hosting. visiting. lovin'. lots of lovin'. snow days. veggies that start with "r". sister sleepovers. pretending. reunions.

just some significant and not so significant moments in our lives...things i don't ever want to forget...

no matter big or small.

each moment makes up "a day in the life of a price"...and each moment holds value. these are the days i want to remember...because i know i'll miss them when they're gone.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

happy birthday to you...

precious maddie boo boo!!!

in honor of our sweet girls' special day, i thought i would share some of my favorite things about her:

i love the way she doesn't pronounce her "r's"

i love how nurturing she is to her baby sister...when ava "speaks", maddie listens

i love the way it looks like she cut her own bangs...even though she didn't!!!

i love the song in her heart...and i mean S.o.N.G. people...this sweetie wakes up that tune lately - "go tell it on the mountain"

i love the way she repeats everything ella does and says

i love the way she actually thinks candy is a breakfast food...and asks very seriously in the mornings if she can eat some

i love taking her to run errands with me...she is so easy to be with...and when she asks me things like "mommy, are those decorations?" - it melts my heart!

i love the fact that she knows all the words to john denver's "country roads" and plans on singing it this weekend at her birthday party!!!!

i love how kind and generous she is...she is truly the peace maker of the family. she will gladly give up her seat, a bite of something, or share a toy if she knows it will make the other person happy.

i love the fact that she is not afraid to say when she is sad (aka mommy, or daddy, or ella - "you make me sad")

i love, love, love this child's sense of humor

i love the way she ranks her "na's"...the one with the pink monogram is definitely used "only in case of emergency"!!!!

i love that while she truly has a sweet tooth, she loves to eat cottage cheese, edemame, guacamole, lima beans, & broccoli

i love the way her lips pucker when she says certain words

i love the way that the only letter she recognizes or knows how to write is "m"

i love that every time she counts to ten she leaves out the number 5

i love that she is fiercely independent...insists on washing her own hair in the tub, buttoning up her own clothes, putting on her own socks and shoes, getting her own water out of the fridge...this list would truly be endless!!!!

i love the way she stubs her toes more than any human should (disclaimer: i certainly don't WANT her to stub her toes...but i do think it's a strange phenomenon how much she actually does it!!!)

i love the way she sucks her thumb every time she eats a piece of chocolate because she likes the way it tastes when she does

i love the fact that she must be part irish...she uses phrases such as "where is me na?" and "i want to go to me bed"

i love the fact that she says "no it is" for "no it isn't" and "no it will" for "no it won't"

i love the fact that this time last year...this little girl wasn't hardly saying anything...boy, has she come a long way!!!!!

we love everything about you, madeline! your beautiful "cindy lou who" eyes bring tears to mine and i will never ever forget the day you were born. i was so very afraid that i wouldn't know how to love you as much...but in an instant - you taught me that a mother's love doesn't multiplies...abundantly.

you add everything good to this family...and i love the fact that we made a "maddie sandwich"...God knew just what he was doing when he placed you in the middle!

we look forward to what your third little year will doubt, lots of laughs and new adventures! you are an angel and we are SO very proud of you!