Monday, June 16, 2008

anyone can be a father...

but it takes someone special to be a daddy!

this post is one day late due to the fact that i just got home from a fabulous vacation to new york...but it in NO WAY minimizes how blessed we are to have jeffrey as the daddy we celebrate for father's day.

patient. hilarious. strong. faithful. ambitious. sweet.

just a few words that come to mind when i think of my daughters' father & my husband. based on his last "guest post", i don't think i need to explain why this man is a fantastic dad. so many people asked me how i felt leaving jeffrey with the girls while i went out of town...and i had to answer very honestly - i wasn't nervous at all! he is so amazing with these two little girls! it's like having a little piece of disney world right here in our family!!!!!!

seeing my little sweet peas smile up at him, hug his legs when he walks in the room, and lay their head on his strong shoulders makes me so happy that he chose me. we are certainly not perfect...not even close really...but he gives us so much and there is not a day that goes by that i am not so thankful that he is in my life...i have watched a boy become a man...and then a hero. and my girls get to love him and be loved by him...forever.

we love you, daddy. more than any words we could ever speak, more than any hug we could ever give, more than anyone could love another.
p.s. ella says you are the best "breakfast chef" EVER!!!!!!!

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