Thursday, December 30, 2010

what a day...

the girls woke up at about 7:30 on christmas morning...but we had already prepared them for the fact that ava would probably need a little bit more sleep!!!! i love that they are so patient about their baby sister's needs...they climbed into our bed and we watched 2 christmas shows waiting for her to finally wake up...

they were really sweet about it and only asked a few hundred times when we could go into the living room!!!!!

the smallest little finally woke up and we had to take our obligatory "top of the stairs" pic...for posterity!
then we do the same things every year...jeffrey goes into the living room with the video camera and makes the girls crazy with all of his "oohing & ahhing"...and then we finally let them bust in to see their haul! this year santa was very practical (which is all this momma could take!)! ella got an art table, some art supplies, and a caboodle with make-up (ok...maybe everything wasn't practical!!!). maddie got a bike and helmet and ava got a wagon and a new baby doll!!!!!

they were so excited! it truly is so much fun watching christmas through their eyes...and i can literally feel exactly what i felt when i was their age! to see that wonder just makes me so happy...

after we did "santa", mom, dayne, and brooke came over to eat a big breakfast with us...and just relax! we stayed in our pajamas and just watched the girls go through their new things over and over again! as you can see in some of the pics, maddie was given a rather vibrant makeover!

it was a super fun day...spent with my favorite three little people...whom i love more than any gift i could ever receive on christmas...

my heart overflows...

and that lasts all year.

ella discovering that santa did in fact leave her some make-up!!!

maddie helping ava love on her baby

sweet sisters

i could eat this face with a million spoons!!!

ella & maddie with grandpa!

all the girls with honey & grandpa...notice maddie's cheeks!!!!

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