Wednesday, December 29, 2010

our little performers...

yet again this christmas, we got to enjoy our little ones during their holiday performances at each of their schools! we couldn't take pictures at ella's (therefore, i don't have any pictures of her performing)...but they both did such a great job!

ella had a "solo" along with 2 other children...a precious stanza before the beginning of "silent night"! she was a little bit nervous but did very well...we were obviously proud!!!! as usual, i had to force back the ugly cry during "happy birthday, jesus"...all those sweet little voices singing such a sweet little song always proves to be a little much for this mush pot!!!!!!

maddie did a great job too! i was told beforehand by her music teacher and mrs. rose that maddie knew every word...and liked to sing loudly!!!!! i wish i could freeze her tiny little mouth and those pronounced lips...she looks like one of those "caroler" dolls...

our little "singing sparrow"...always and forever a song in her heart!

i love that every little person singing is super special to someone...lots of pride fills these sanctuaries!!!!

our sweet girl #2

even though this one is blurry...i love it

madeline with sweet mrs. ellisor

maddie with one of her favorite peeps...parker!!!

my girls...and their proud mommy

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