Wednesday, December 29, 2010

rudolph the red nosed cupcake!

brooke made these cupcakes for her student workers and i thought they were SO cute! i was desperately trying to find a reason to make them...without having to feel forced to eat all of the finished product! when we found out our sweet friends, the hables, were coming to eat dinner with us...the girls and i got busy!!!!!

they were super yummy...and of course, made even more so by the "adorable cuteness"...and yes, redundancy is needed here!!!!

here is what you'll need for these little guys...a boxed cake mix, chocolate icing, mini vanilla wafers, red m&m's, white candy pieces (we used reeses pieces), black decorator's gel, tootsie roll midgees, pretzels...and a lot of hungry cupcake eaters!

these will definitely be a christmas staple around our house...mostly because i just think reindeer are so darn cute!!!!