Sunday, December 5, 2010

all she wants for christmas...

our first born LOST HER FIRST TOOTH!!!! talk about one excited little girl!

ella has had a loose tooth for a couple of weeks now...and friday when she got home from school...and SMILED...i almost cried. seriously. there was a hole!

one of the kindergarten teachers is famous for her tooth pulling abilities and ella really wanted mrs. williamson to pull it...but i wasn't prepared for it to actually happen! apparently, she went upstairs to mrs. w's classroom with her friend ellie to get it pulled. she took hold of it and then asked ella if she wanted her to do it now or later...i guess ella was starting to get cold feet because she said "later"...and that's when mrs. williamson told her it was already done!!!! she was just so proud!

she lost the first tooth she ever had...something about that just makes her seem so grown up!

she was so excited to show us her certificate and she carried her "tooth fairy" pillow around all night! the next morning she came running into our room to show us the $5 that was left! (don't worry...we've received word from the tooth fairy that the "cost" of subsequent teeth goes down...significantly!!!!)

the one beside it is now i can assume that we'll be getting more frequent visits from the fairy!

such a milestone in the life of our little ella...and i just don't think i've seen a sweeter smile!


Megsy said...

CONGRATULATIONS to my sister friend! Way to be brave! $5 - what a great tooth fairy!

Lori @ The Davidson Den said...

You know what? I think my FAVORITE thing(s) about Ella are her freckles. Somehow they seem to sum up her personality. Cute, cute!!!