Monday, December 20, 2010

rose center 2010

the varnadores hosted their 2nd annual caravan to the american rose center...and as usual, it was so much fun! (even though our evening had to be cut short because 2 1/2 of the price children began melting) we met (just in the nick of time) the varnadores as they were heading out and drove out to see the lights!

the girls got to run and play in some "fake snow", sit on santa's lap again (well, two out three!), see some beautiful christmas lights, ride the train with daddy, and enjoy time with sweet friends!

i just couldn't help but reminisce about last year...when ava was such a tiny, little, newborn bundle...snuggled up against me in her reindeer sleeper. time doesn't slow down for anyone...and it just makes my heart skip a beat sometimes to think about how fast my children's little lives are going by.

we had had a packed couple of days...and by the end of our time there...the girls had had we had to forgo pizza at the varnadores...but here's to hoping that there's always next year!

thanks, jen for putting this together every year! we love it!

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Lori @ The Davidson Den said...

Love the girls' coats!! You always do so well with getting them matching outfits. It's inspiring. Because I know it isn't easy.