Monday, December 6, 2010

house decorating...

gingerbread house that is!

when gigi & bd came to visit a couple of weeks ago, they brought the girls a gingerbread house kit and ella and maddie have been so anxious to get to work!

sunday evening seemed like the perfect time!

it was really fun...they wanted me to assemble the house...and pipe the icing...and then they put their creative genius to work!

i think they did a great job! they were so excited! maddie kept saying "i love you mommy" (melt) and they kept kissing each other. it was adorable to watch!

ella was the "architect" and devised the decorating plan! maddie's strategic plan was to get as much icing as she could on her fingers so that she would be forced to lick them...she enjoyed "tasting" all of the decorations too! that child has loved "gunk" from the time she was able to eat food!!!!!
it was fun being silly, singing christmas songs, and getting messy...together! to me, that's what christmas is all about...and i'm blessed to get to share the season with three little angels!

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