Wednesday, December 29, 2010

christmas eve festivities...

wow...i can't believe that christmas 2010 is in the record books..."history" as ella said.

our tree is already down (which is unheard of for us...but it was either that or risk another story that read more like "price fire of 2010") and all other decorations are packed away in the attic...waiting for next year...that i know all too well will be here before we know it.

i told the girls at dinner tonight, as they were exclaiming how excited they were for christmas to get here AGAIN!, that i can already imagine how much bigger they will seem next year...


but for now, i need to focus on how great christmas was this year!

christmas eve was so much fun! we started off with a fun dinner at carmen's house and then we headed home to make sure we had enough time for all of the "hoopla" that occurs in preparation for the big day!!!!!

all the girls got into their jammies and then we sprinkled our reindeer food on the lawn and front porch to make sure rudolph and his buddies knew just where to find us!
next it was time to prepare the snack for jolly ole' st. nick! i always let the girls decide what we're going to leave...and this year they insisted on angel cookies and milk!
after that the girls get to open one "shared" gift! this year i got them one of those recordable books about the first christmas...and we "listened" to me reading to them! i think they really liked it...and i would like that to be one thing we add to the list of christmas eve rituals!!!!

by this point, the girls were getting antsy that santa was going to pass us by if they weren't asleep yet (and the elves were getting nervous that they were going to get really sleepy!!!) we tucked them in tight and looked forward to spending christmas day our pj's!

to be continued...

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