Thursday, December 16, 2010

our first santa sighting...

wow...this christmas season seems to have flown by this year!!!! i have to say, though, that we've had fun flying! we started off the festivities with the christmas party at east ridge! santa claus made a visit...and ava was NOT TOO SURE! i have a picture of ella doing the same "arching"...don't worry...she was quickly rescued! the big girls had a great time talking with him however!

after a quick dinner of party food, we got to view one of the best fireworks displays i have ever seen! i kept ava inside while ella & maddie went out on the golf course for a front row seat...jeff went out to check on them and this is what he saw...

i promise this was not staged. what a pair those two...and ava sure is coming up in the ranks!!!

it was such a fun night for our family...and a fun way to kick off the holidays!

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