Sunday, December 5, 2010


sweet ava couldn't "hang"...but she sure was excited to see the tree the next morning!!!

the girls were beyond the moon excited about decorating the tree this year! my heart is still smiling about all the giggling, oohing, and aahhing that occurred! if only my mind was a video camera...i never want to forget it! i think that ella must have exclaimed "ooohhh...this is my favorite ornament!" about every. single. ornament. that we own!!!! precious! our tree looks adorable this year...but it definitely has the thumbprint of two little girls that wanted to do lots of independent hanging...and i wouldn't want it any other way!

it's been interesting with ava this year! she sees the girls touching the ornaments so she obviously thinks she should be able to too! she will look at the tree and then look at me and say "da da" (her version of "no no")! needless to say, the bottom of our tree is becoming more bare as the days go on!

who needs an advent calendar when you have an almost 14 month the time christmas comes...we may not have any ornaments left on our tree!!!!!

i don't think there is anything more cozy than sitting by a lit tree...with nothing but the white lights on...

have i mentioned i love christmas?!?!

ella loves to point out all of our "favorite ornaments" for anyone that comes over. i think she may have her mommy's love of christmas too!

i love the fact that our tree has evolved from random ornaments that jeffrey and i bought to precious keepsakes that our children have made and ones we have gotten on vacations! it really does help sweet memories to resurface...i've said it before and i'll say it again (my christmas card will too!)...

but experiencing christmas through the eyes of children is just's the stuff life is made of!!!

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