Sunday, May 10, 2009

something i know for sure...

this man is someone to be proud of...and he just so happens to me mine!!!

this man is an amazing daddy...and he just so happens to be ella's, maddie's, & "sweet pea's".

this man is truly one of the most brilliant people i know...and he has the degrees to prove it!
this man is his core...and he makes us laugh all the time!

this man is athletic...and he's doing P90X...once again, to prove it!

this man is a leader...and he's doing just that with his family.

this man loves food...we'll just leave it at that!

this man celebrated his birthday today, we want to celebrate him.

jeffrey price. you are one LOVED amazing, brilliant, funny, athletic, leading, hungry man.

happy, happy birthday from all your girls!

this is what ella & maddie made for their daddy's birthday

we may have some picasso's on our hands!!!!

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Meredith said...

Happy Birthday Jeffrey!!