Thursday, May 21, 2009

our new little bundle of joy...

jeffrey and i went to our "20 week" ultrasound this past tuesday...and let me just say - this miracle is never something we take for granted! seeing our little one playing with their hands and rolling around inside of me is just amazing and i'll have to say that they seem to be taking after their older sisters because he or she is pretty stinkin' cute!!!!!!!

it was so strange going to this appointment knowing that we didn't want to know what we were having...but as it turns out, that was a good thing - because "little bit" was extremely modest and wouldn't open his or her legs!!! the ultrasound tech tried several times to find out for herself if we were having a boy or a girl...but in the end...we all left unknowing!!!!

i am so in love with this precious baby and can't wait to welcome him or her into our family!

the baby looks very healthy...but please say a prayer that the portal vein will be visible at the next ultrasound. i was told not to worry...but of course, i want ALL the parts to be
accounted for!!!


Liz Folds said...

Mere-what awesome pictures of the new baby Price! You know I will be praying but God is taking care of you and that precious "cargo"!

Love you!
Aunt Liz

Amy Scheel Theriot said...

those pictures are so adorable; what a little miracle! we cannot wait to meet baby price three!!!