Thursday, May 7, 2009

A weekend with daddy...the Maddie edition (Guest Post)

well...I am way delinquent in posting this, but I guess better late than never. Meredith and Ella took a trip to the "mother country" a.k.a shreveport several weekends ago so Maddie and I had to find a way to entertain ourselves while they were gone. They left bright and early Friday morning so I took Maddie to school and had a friend pick her up so that I could work most of the day.

Of course, Meredith took the "big" camera and I couldn't find our little digital one so all of the documentation of Maddie and my adventures are courtesy of my free phone from AT&T (yes, Meredith got an Iphone and I ended up with the free phone...I just don't use mine enough to justify an iphone) so I apologize in advance if the pictures are fuzzy or really small. I don't know how they will turn out on the blog.

So Friday night, Maddie and I went out to eat at a Mexican joint that Meredith never set foot in. It is a mom and pop restaurant called El Paso that had good reviews on the web. Maddie was an absolute hoot and loved eating her cheesy beans and rice.

She also chomped down on the lime from my margarita before fully deciding that limes are "ucky!"

After Mexican, we went out for IceBerry (excellent frozen yogurt place) and then headed home.

Then I proceeded to let her sleep in a big bed for the first time in her life and she loved it! She is very similar to Ella in that she thrashes about all night long, so I barely slept because I was worried that she would fall out of the bed.

Saturday morning, we started with breakfast at Le Madeline french bistro (Maddie's favorite...she loves the eggs, croissants, and homemade jelly...daddy doesn't mind it either!)

Then I took her with me to Shenandoah Brewing Company to help a buddy bottle a batch of beer that he had brewed. My buddy's wife was with him so she and Maddie had a great time playing. His wife then made Maddie an origami duck from a hand towel...Maddie thought it was hysterical.

Maddie was worn out from her long morning so she took an extra long nap. After nap time, we decided (or daddy choose) that golfing would be a fun outing so off we went.

She loved driving the cart, washing the golf balls and just generally running around like a wild woman. I ended up playing really well because I didn't have time to focus on my swing for fear that I would either hit her or she would drive off in the cart and hit someone else.

On Sunday, we ate breakfast at home, and then had lunch outside on the deck...

Maddie was a little cold at first...

and then decided it was ok.

She wanted to swing after we ate so I let her swing as long as she wanted.

After about 1.5 hours, she started whimpering and I asked her if she wanted to get out of the swing. She sheepishly said, "uh huh" and then as soon as her feet hit the ground, she yakked all over my shoes. No crying or whining, just a straight-forward "looks like we found out how long she can swing!" puking...after a quick cleanup, she was partying like a rock star.

We were both glad when Mommy and Ella came back home, but we had a great time by ourselves...every once in a while, it is fun for daddy to hang out with his little girl.



The Davidson Den said...

Love the guest posts, Jeff. (Always do.) Something about the way you tell the story just makes me feel like I'm right there. Or maybe it's just that the things that happen to you are just SO Jeff that I can't help but think you've told the story before. Ha!

And the phone pics were adorable actually. The story of one little girl named Madeline.

Mama Mia said...

Love it, love it, love it! Sounds like a weekend my husband would have if he kept one or both of the kids alone....might have to let him read it for a hint, or inspiration! Looking forward to meeting you Jeff when you guys move back - I went to school with Meredith in the 'Port. Keep up the good work! jennifer defatta