Friday, May 1, 2009

friendship friday...

i LOVE my friends...and when i make one...i want to keep them for life! since i have some of the best friends in the world...i thought that fridays would make a perfect day to celebrate each one of them! from now until every lady is featured, i am going to be hosting "friendship friday"...i can recount what makes them so special to me and you can get to know them better!!!! i plan on drawing names out of a hat...and our first feature is none other than:

meredith davis. aka mer.

i love this girl. mer and i have been friends since our college days...but quite honestly, it feels like i have known her my whole life! we don't get to catch up nearly as often as i would like... with her having three small children and me having two...opportunities for endless chatting are few and far between! go figure - but each time we do talk, it's like no time has passed at all.

mer was my first friend to have a baby...and you better believe i was one excited "aunt"! i waited on pins and needles to get "the call" so that i could be there for the birth of her sweet firstborn son! i don't normally like driving by myself, but this was one road trip that nobody was going to stop me from taking! i got there and was able to be with mer through most all of her labor, some major attempts at pushing, and then in the end - waiting at the nursery window after my sweet friend went in for a c-section! "l" was the sweetest baby and i enjoyed every minute of his precious first days...i cried most of the way home when i had to leave them! he will always hold a special place in my heart...just like his precious mother! (who by the way now has two more precious children...a daughter and another baby boy!)

mer has a great sense of humor and doesn't take herself too seriously! she and i share an absolute disgust for germs...which makes for some pretty interesting hysteria when we are together!!!! she is GORGEOUS, has the most beautiful blue eyes, and has FABULOUS hair (you know the kind that doesn't get a lump in it when taken out of a ponytail!!!!!) she has a funky sense of style which works perfectly on her, she will ponder a purchase for far more time than should be allowed (HA!), and she loves to watch things on ebay! this girl has the patience of job when it comes to waiting for the "right" thing to impulse shopping here!!!!! she is not afraid to venture to wal-mart on her own at night (much to my displeasure...worry wart here!) and she makes some darn good spaghetti! she has a penchant for sweet candy late at night...which works both of us are night owls! sleep deprivation is usually on the agenda when we get together! one more random fact: as close as we are, neither one of us has ever been able to attend a birthday party for our children...c.r.a.z.y!!!!!

she and i have always had a special bond...i can literally tell her anything. i can sit with her and not say a word and feel like i've had the best conversation ever. i treasure her and her family like they were an extension of my own and i know, without a doubt, that we will be friends forever. i love you, mer and i wouldn't change a thing about our friendship...ok, maybe we would live WAAAAAY closer to each other...but other than that - it's perfect! thanks for being "my mer". you are no doubt a blessing to me!


Liz Folds said...

Mere-what a sweet gesture to start on your blog! Mer should be so proud that you are her friend as well.

Aunt Liz

Meredith for the Davis' said...

mer--oh my word! i just read your post this afternoon (tuesday) and what a sweet surprise!!! i cried my way through it--i have no friend that knows me better than you!! i am so glad that God brought you into my life (i think it may TRULY be the one and ONLY reason i was in nutrition!!!!) life would not be the same without you in it! i was just looking at photos of ley's birth last week--so glad you were there...SO wish i could return the favor :) i love the pics of us---we SO SO SO have to make time for a new photo of us when we see eachother this summer (i know if will be difficult for us, afterall, we don't even photograph our KIDDOS together when we are basking in the glow of our mer/mere's our pj's...all day!!) you know how loved you are, my mere!?!?! i hope so...i love you so make my heart happy--except for when i miss you so very badly it hurts--but now i will bookmark this post and pull it up and read it everytime i get to missing you!

and yes, aunt liz, i am beyond proud to have mere as my dearest friend--she blesses everyone whose life she touches! and her precious family blog has even furthered her sweet spirit and heartfelt insights into the world wide web!!