Friday, May 15, 2009

friendship friday...

cathy fiser.

the first time i ever laid eyes on cathy...i just wanted to meet her and be her friend! i was doing a junior league shift entering information for "race for the cure" when cathy walked in for her shift. she was pregnant with her first child...and so was i. (in fact, i was eating saltines while working at the computer!!!!) anyway, i didn't know that this precious girl was in my provisional class but she was!!!!!! we got to know one another...and she was just what i said - precious!

cathy is a "tell it like it is" kinda gal and i love how real she is. she and i can talk about anything...that's a bit of a trend with me anyway...and we identify with each other so well. she is adorably little, a fantastic tennis player, a true animal lover, and loves to have a good time! she invited me to join her bunco group and that became one of my favorite times of the month...those girls are FANTASTIC! she brought me my favorite meal when ella was born and went out of her way to always make me feel like i was a part of little rock.

cathy is generous and kind...and i really got to see her "heart" while we worked together for two years at camp aldersgate. her sensitivity is abundant and she isn't afraid to shed a tear for those who are hurting...just one more attribute that makes guessed it - p.r.e.c.i.o.u.s. i will never forget her last visit with me before me moved or the last tearful hug we shared...i knew how special she had become to me.

i was and still am so thankful for her friendship. i know that if i ever needed or need anything, i could and can always count on cathy to help out. those first friends made in an unfamiliar place hold a special place in my heart...and there will always be a special place in mine for cathy.

i can't wait to get back to the south and crash a bunco night sometime soon...i really need to catch up on the latest "news" and see those sweet faces! thank you, cathy, for taking me under your wing and helping me "take those first steps" in what would be a super sweet journey for me in little rock!

cathy and her sweet family

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Kitty said...

How sweet! I love your friendship Fridays!!