Friday, May 8, 2009

friendship friday...

lori davidson.

lori and i met (at buffalo grill to be precise!) back in 2002...while our husbands were both attending law school at night! her oldest son was only about 6 months old when we met...and i LOVED the fact that we were becoming friends with a couple that had started a family! it didn't take long for both couples to realize that we had LOTS in common and we loved hanging out with them!

she is married to one of jeff's bestest friends and is the mother to their F.O.U.R. children...ages 7, 4, almost 2, and about 6 months...whew - i need a nap just thinking about it!!!!

lori is mucho creative...and that's an understatement!!!! this girl can scrapbook, sew, plan a party, take pictures, bake, fix a computer, hang a light fixture, paint a wall, and breastfeed...pretty much all at the same time!!!!!!! it's quite fascinating! she taught me all i needed to know about making my own baby food...which was something that completely overwhelmed me...but turned out to be one of the best decisions i have ever made since becoming a mother! however, i never ventured into making super porridge and homemade crackers like this gal!!!!!

she also rivals me in her ability to actually use the wee hours of the morning!!! if i think i'm a night person...lori owns the night!!!!!! when we used to go over to their house or have them over - we always brought our children's pj's because we knew it was going to be a "late" night! it would not be uncommon for us to still be chatting at 3 a.m. - eating something deliciously sinful or sending the guys to the 24 hour gas station for ice cream or treats! we have had some of the most meaningful and fun conversations with this family!

lori was the first person i talked to when my water broke at 1 a.m. on april 26th (hellooo...who else was going to be awake!!!! ha,ha,ha!!!) and she was the first person to call me when i was pulling out of epernay last january - sobbing my eyes out. she has helped me paint a kitchen with a mask on while pregnant with her second child, gotten me a doctor's appointment when i was certain i was going to lose our second baby, brought laughter to cleaning out my oven and refrigerator at a home that suddenly was a place of loneliness and sorrow, has answered many a "how do i do this" or "how will i do this" question in my first few months of being a mommy, helped us deal with a vehicle theft (from in front of their house)...i could go on and, really i could!!! she has the heart of a servant...and i have definitely been on the receiving end many times!

her friendship has been a blessing to me and we have missed them dearly since leaving little rock! we were hoping to get the whole clan up here for a visit...but it looks like we'll have to settle on breaking them in to good ole' shreveport (paul...i know you are p.u.m.p.e.d.!!!!!)

thanks, lori for being such a wonderful friend. i look forward to our "quarterly phone chats" (HA!)...and can't wait til we can hang out again! ella would really love to see some of her favorite friends...and maddie would like to get to know yall (that last part is just sad!)!

maybe we can fit in an "all night" crop session one day soon...or at least a middle of the night junk food binge...


Kitty said...

She is an amazing girl, isn't she? I love her, too! What a precious friendship you two share!!

The Davidson Den said...

Awww, Mere. Thank you for all you said. The timing of this was just right, as I was really in need of some affirmation. Your sweet words really gave me a lift.

And I SOOOOO miss those late night "pow-wows" with chocolate on top! Ha! Today when I was reading your latest blog posts, Noah and Saylor came in. Saylor pointed to the screen and said, "Hey, there's Ella." And Noah said, "She looks big now." And my heart got a little sad because we've all missed seeing her (and Maddie!!) least in real life. What we need (what we've always needed) is just to live on the same street already!

Heather Terrell said...

I think you said it all. Lori is a sweetheart and we are all blessed to know her. Thanks for writing such a tribute to her!