Monday, November 3, 2008

"these are the remember"...

as a mommy, there is nothing more powerful than being able to soothe one of your children that is hurting. recently, there has been an increased need for hugs around the price household! ella was sick last week, feeling terrible actually, and the only thing i could offer her were hugs. madeline had a tummy ache herself today...the best medicine...hugs. ella was crying tonight over something that as a 31 year old - i deemed know what cured it - hugs.

as i was hugging ella tonight...i was telling her how much i loved her...and that i would ALWAYS love her no matter what. through her tears, she smiled a big smile and said "you'll never let me go?..." - if she only knew the gravity of those words. i explained that even when she was older, with a husband and children of her own...she would always be my baby. yes, i will never let her go in my heart...but i will have to let her go. just as i have had to let her go from being a baby to a big girl...i will have to let her go be her own person...a "grown up" in the big, big world. she is on her own journey, even at 4 1/2...and i am privileged to watch.

she likely will never remember the conversation we had tonight on my bathroom floor...but i will never forget it. i want to memorize every freckle on her face, every tear streak, every inflection in her little voice...because the fact is, ella made me a mother. without her (and now our sweet madeline) dream would not have come true. when they placed her in my arms all those many months ago, my purpose in this life was fulfilled. i have truly loved every moment spent with my two daughters...and look forward to their future with great anticipation.

i will leave no cuddle uncuddled, no kiss unkissed, no hug unhugged. with this "job", the bonuses are infinite. in the midst of it all, i am their mommy...and my arms fit them perfectly.

there is nothing sweeter than that. absolutely no greater reward.

these are the days to remember...and remember i shall.


Dayne said...

Mere.........your words touched my heart, and I could say the same about being a Mom to you and Brooke. Your expressed them so beautifully.......I believe in those hugs myself. I love you very much......your MOM

Liz Folds said...

Mere-I am sitting here at my desk in the library at school with tears streaming down my face. I totally agree with your mom that you expressed yourself and how you feel as a mother so beautifully. I am a "hugger", too, and I can't wait to hug my sweet granddaughter, Amelia in about 3 weeks.
I am fortunate to get lots of hugs here at school every day and I feel blessed that my students care about me to give that of themselves. I feel like Mom to 3,000 students and I love it!
I love you very much, too, along with those precious girls of yours.

Aunt Liz

tuckerfam said... my recent emotional state....your last blog had me hormones seem to be uncontainable these days....i must share with you the measuring cup story from the guys recent camping will give you a laugh!
You are a wonderful mommy for my precious neices and they are blessed beyond measure to have your arms to hug them everyday many times over.
i love u!

tuckerfam said...

oops.....misspelled "nieces".... this thing needs spell!