Thursday, November 27, 2008


just want everyone in my life - family, friends, "blogging buddies" - to know how thankful i am for YOU today! i can't imagine my life without all of my good friends and amazing family!

not a day goes by that a smile is not brought to my one of YOU!

i hope that this day of thanks finds you feeling special & loved! i look forward to seeing many of you during the coming holidays!

happy thanksgiving from one full family to another...we love you!


Meredith for the Davis' said...

i am so blessed to have you in my you mere, jeff, ella and madeline!!

Liz Folds said...

Mere-I just got back from New Orleans and being with my precious Amelia that I am so thankful for this Christmas. I also am so fortunate that you are my niece and you have the most wonderful family. We are truly blessed this holiday season.

Aunt Liz