Thursday, November 13, 2008

T is for Turkey...

or Totally Tumultuous Takeoff to our day!!!!! wHew!

well, you guessed it...we had special snack again for ella's class! since the letter of the week was T...and thanksgiving is right around the corner, i couldn't resist this adorable "fruit gobbler"! it was so fun to make and ella was really looking forward to taking it to school...until her tongue got in the way!

she mysteriously had all these bumps develop on her tongue yesterday afternoon...and fearing that we may have some kind of contagious disease...i decided we shouldn't risk it...and made an appointment with the doc! however, we'll call her "tina"...was expected at we had to federal express her there before our trip to the doctor!

it was 40 degrees and pouring today, which made transporting a rather large turkey made with fruit rather difficult! somehow we made it, with only a minor decapitation along the way, and delivered "tina" to her rightful eaters!!!!!

all to find out...that ella is completely fine...just suffering from, well...bumps on her tongue. nothing contagious about that. so we dashed back to school so that she could hopefully share a grape skewer and some cheese cubes with her buddies!

thankfully, since we are in the season of thanksgiving, tonight we are not suffering from "hand, foot, mouth" disease or any disease for that matter...and "tina" was a success!

so for tonight...Take Time To give Thanks...i know i sure do!!!!!


Meredith for the Davis' said...

Dang, your good!!!! Can we just buy some land together somewhere in the southern United States and live in a large compound with all our gorgeous children and two, fun husbands and make fun treats for school, paint, play, stay up late, grow our hair long with poofy bangs and wear long dresses....oh wait--that's not where I was going with that!! :) Love you!

Liz Folds said...

Mere-Granny was telling me about "Tina" but her words didn't give "Tina" justice! You are amazing in the ideas you come up with in creating these masterpieces!
I'm so jealous that I wasn't that creative in my "younger" years with Josh and Matthew.

Aunt Liz

Mama Mia said...

Meredith....there are not words! You really inspire me to be a better room mother! I mean really! I thought the doughnut hole acorns were genius...this is a masterpiece. Unbelievable! If I thought I could even recreate such a beast for C's Thanksgiving Feast at school next Friday I would, but it might just be completely beyond my skills. Amazing! I stand in awe of your creativity! love, jennifer (rodman) defatta