Tuesday, November 18, 2008

dictionary for "madelinese"...


it seems that madeline never stops talking these days...but much of it would be indistinguishable to anyone other than her immediate family members! even we spend much of our time asking lots of questions to decipher what she is really trying to say - she stays as patient as she can...but i know it becomes frustrating to her!!!!!!! just thought i would share a few definitions should you happen to encounter a conversation with the little peanut any time soon!!!!!!

"ga ga" - thank you

"peace" - please

"na na" - sorry
"ite" - light

"eed" - read

"house" - the title to her FAVORITE book these days..."the napping house"

"mmmm" - something to drink

"na" - the name of her special lovie

"m&m" - would you believe it...this is what she says when she wants...m&m's!!!!!!! nothing confusing about that!!!!!
"cacka" - cracker

"bubba" - baby

"ewwa" - her best friend in this universe...ella

"taw" - straw

"da" or "woowoo" - dog

"hi" - when she is asking for Hi-5...a favorite for her & her sister

"ink" - what she says when she wants us to turn on "monsters inc."
"mote" - remote
"poon" - spoon

"dice" - unsolved mystery...any suggestions?!?!?!

some of the other words that she seems to have mastered at the ripe old age of 22 months: bite, eyes, nitenite, bath, ice, BP (the place where her mommy gets her drink every night), poopoo (she likes to blame this one on lots of other family members), tt, eat, done, , hi, bye, out, shoes, cheese, "gigi", no, uh-huh, teeth, up, momma, daddy or dada, bowl, bow, bobo....

so from madeline to all: "gaga" for taking the time to "eed" this post. "peace" visit often...and send "m&m's" if you can...i'll tell mommy "na na" for you!


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