Saturday, November 1, 2008

lots of "treating"...

whew...can i just say that i am pretty sure if we took a blood sample from my children...their blood sugar would be, well, dangerously high! as a matter of fact, i think that their food guide pyramid in the last 24 hours has consisted of chocolate, gummy snacks, and raw sugar...i just found madeline behind the couch eating runts. that's right - runts. ella has already climbed up and gotten her bag of candy off of the REFRIGERATOR...i thought i was being sneaky by putting it up there - apparently not!!!!! she had helped herself to a "non snack size" bag of skittles this morning...did i mention she also ate a bag of cheetos.

it would seem they don't pay me enough around here to really keep up with the kiddos! oh well, that's what halloween is all about right...i've managed to devour a mini twix and a three muskateer myself!!!!! the "candy fairy" (aka garbage men) may have to make a visit to our house to help us rid ourselves of the gross amount of "junk" we accumulated last night!

the kids had a blast...i truly believe madeline thought she had died and gone to heaven! since this was her first "go" at the whole "getting candy for nothing gig", (you know...she usually is bribed to smile for the camera or try on clothes in order to score an m&m) you should have seen her face!!!!! it was priceless. she walked around with this dazed look on her face & nothing was stopping this girl. as her bag got heavier and started dragging on the ground...she wanted NO part in having mommy or daddy hold it for her and help her with it - NO ONE was gonna get their hands on HER candy!!!!!! she would look at the nice people and say "ga ga" (thank you in "madelinese") and bust on to the next house! this girl means business when it comes to simple sugar. i'm sure the dentist is going to mean business when he hands us our first bill!!!!!!

ella is recovering from a mysterious illness so she wasn't quite "up to par"...but she was the most beautiful princess in the neighborhood! mommy wanted her to be a ladybug...but she had her heart set on being "sleeping beauty"...& who am i to stand in the way of a little girl wanting to wear a crown and a ball gown! she kept telling us "i am grateful for this piece of candy...but i don't really like it"! we had to have a quick lesson regarding tact...sometimes, mommy & daddy want you to score the candy for THEM!!!!!! :)

we were invited to go to the neighborhood of our good friends, the spences...and it couldn't have been more perfect for the kids! streets were blocked off and most porch lights were was such a great time! by the end of the one had had a "normal" dinner...but we were all happy to eat our candy!

hope everyone had a fabulous evening with family and on to my favorite holidays - thanksgiving and CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!


Liz Folds said...

The girls looked adorable! What fun! I know Granny enjoyed being a part of their Halloween. You and Jeff looked pretty good yourselves!

Aunt Liz

Kari said...

The girls looked so cute and i'm glad they are both feeling better! As usual, we had a CRAZY week of Halloween fun and the kids loved every minute!