Friday, November 7, 2008

a box is not just a box...

when it comes to ella & madeline! this afternoon after the girls came home from school...we decided to get creative...or should i say - the sweet peas in the family decided to get creative and form a club!!!! together they created a "club house" with crayons, markers, & stickers...and proceeded to order a snack to eat at their first official meeting!
they play so well together and it was so funny to listen to them laughing and having fun while decorating this cardboard box...who needs toys anyway?!

we would have made "pinky dinky doo" proud today! (if you don't know who she is..."pinky's got a story she wants to share with you"...big fan around here!!!!)

i wish i could say that the fun with the box lasted all afternoon...but it didn't. we proceeded to move outside & play with dirt. they used just about every spoon in the house to make their creations!!!! oh how i wish the camera would have been available when madeline got finished! let's just say...her clothes are soaking in oxi clean as we speak...and will probably be there for a good while! she had dirt from her head to her toes. typical madeline style!

even after all this, the fun did not last my friends! both girls spent the latter part of the evening arguing about who was going to sit on my lap and who was going to to be held by me...while trying to get dinner ready!!!!! *sigh*

who knows what tomorrow will bring...but for now, this mommy is going to bed with a heart that is full...and with the promise that tomorrow is a new day...and thank goodness for that!!!!!!!!

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starkey1981 said...

I found the same was true with my kids when something came in a large box! One time - my parents actually BROUGHT Travis & Austin two large boxes and we built a 'tower' on the top complete with 'peephole' etc. But, they grew tired of it so fast. But, then we dismantled it and were going to throw the boxes out and they again found them in the garage and built 'townhomes' and 'lived next to each other' for several afternoons. So, we had to move them to the back porch so they could enjoy them there.