Thursday, November 27, 2008

he's back...

that's right, folks! leggy...our trusty, dusty "elf on a shelf" made his 2008 debut tonight! ella is totally pumped about having this little guy pop up in different places this year - she was already talking to him & trying to figure out just why he couldn't respond!

maddie, on the other hand, has a love/hate relationship with leggy! she desperately wants to touch evidenced by her immediate rush to get a step stool in order to check him out up close & personal...but she did her signature "back" (picture her saying this while pushing an imaginary something back with her hand)! we knew that she would love the idea of looking for the elf every morning...and it should have been no surprise that she will have to warm up to the idea...however, our recent bookworm did not want to sit and read the book...

there's always the next 16 years!!!!!!!

for now, leggy will remain a part of our immediate family for the next 28 days...even making our cross country journey - jeffrey & i will probably need the elf to encourage us!

there are likely to be lots of tantrums & griping going on...from the kids too!
christmas time is here...& i am lovin' every minute!!!!!!!

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tuckerfam said...

So cute! Thanks for reminding us! We got "Jack" out tonight after we talked and I took almost the SAME pics as you did without knowing! lol! Except Dave was reading them the book....i did not want a photograph of my very GREEN face tnite! haha....
Nate loved it this time and asked about 1 million QUESTIONS!!!! and caleb just wanted to hold him...same as boo. I told him that Jack would follow us to Nanas house christmas eve and that Leggy would be there too! he was excited to say the LEAST!
love yall!!! Cant wait for CHRISTMAS!!!