Monday, July 21, 2008

just livin'...

not too terribly much going on with the price clan this week!

ella had vacation bible school last week and had so much fun. my friend, megsy, was her teacher and ella thought that was the coolest thing since sliced bread! by the end of the week, she wanted to walk down to the front of the sanctuary by herself...such a big girl!!!!! i stood at the back of the church one day so that i could watch all of the children sing this amazing song. in typical "meredith fashion" (like a major goob) i just started crying because i could see ella at the front, her little bow just a moving, doing the hand motions. there has always been something so moving about hearing and SEEING a song being sung...sign language makes me get a big lump in my throat. anyway, it was a great experience for her...madeline was really jealous she didn't get to stay!!!!!!

granny (aka "gigi") was with us for a couple of weeks and we LOVE having her here! she fits into our family just like the missing piece of a jigsaw puzzle! she is constantly cleaning, washing, cooking (YUMMY, "TOO MANY WEIGHT WATCHER POINTS" EATS), & helping around the house! it makes me sad to walk by her room and not see her and smell her...she really is a joy to have around! we love you, gigi and can't wait for you to come back!

madeline is really turning into a funny little lady...still doesn't say much...but boy that sweet girl knows everything we are saying! lately, i have started using "time out" with her when she does things that could be dangerous to her. well, let's just say - no two children are alike! when ella was put into time out, she usually had to be hot glued, duct taped, and lasoed into the get the picture! well, all we have to do is ASK madeline "do you want to have to go to time out" & that little sweet pea marches HERSELF to the "time out" spot and sits there until we come get her. it really breaks my heart because she spends a lot more time there than she would really even have to...she doesn't give herself any second chances! she has even gone to time out at ella's prompting before...she is such a cutie!!!!! her singing ability is really top notch as well...mark our words...she may have a future in the entertainment industry!!!!! ha,ha,ha!

she and i are off to georgia for the will be a special time to share with my second born. ella and jeffrey have lots of fun things planned as well...including a night camping - i CANNOT wait to hear how that goes!!!!!! i am sure a guest post is in our future!

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Kara said...

I love new recipes, I am going to try-out the tenderloin. I hope you had fun in Georgia. It is hot today in Texas, 103 and the hottest weather is yet to come in August. Come on fall where are you! Hope you are enjoying your summer. Thanks for the updates on your precious family!

In Christ,
Kara-Is. 43:1-3