Tuesday, July 29, 2008

bragging rights...

the first annual "best husband & daddy" award goes to JEFFREY W. PRICE!!!!!! wow, this guy deserves some major praise...so i just thought i would publicly boast about how wonderful i think he is...

it doesn't take a rocket scientist to realize how amazing he is when you see his little girls run to him when he walks in the door from work...it puts the biggest fan clubs in the world to shame. it is easy, however, for me to forget how great he is sometimes because life gets in the way...ashamed to admit it...but it's true.

until a weekend like this past one happens...and there is no getting around it...i just see it...and he melts my heart.

jeffrey and i want our daughters to know how much we love them...and we want to do that mostly by showing them...we believe that "actions speak louder than words". what better way to show your first born daughter that you love her than to spend a weekend devoted to making her smile, showing interest in her, talking to her about things that are important to her. what better way to show your second born that you love her than to scoop her up and take her to get donuts, by herself, just so she feels special too.

that's what ella & madeline's daddy does...and it makes me so proud.

i know that my girls will grow up knowing that their daddy is actively interested in things that are important to them. they will grow up feeling secure that the first man on earth that ever loved them did so with his whole heart. they will grow up certain that at least in one man's eyes - there never were two more special, beautiful baby girls that ever lived.

what a way to grow up.

jeffrey, thank you for being the hero for our family. thanks for taking your role as "daddy" seriously...we think you are the best! you have one proud wife and two proud daughters...

the way you love us is priceless...and that is something to brag about!

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