Sunday, July 6, 2008

"God bless america..."

we had a very low key was sooooooo nice to have jeffrey home with us on friday - i didn't really care what we did! we ran some errands and planned on grilling at home and making homemade ice cream! (yeah...i know...the ice cream thing is getting kind of ridiculous!!!! jeffrey thinks i might need to enter a program!!!!)

we decided to brave the fireworks downtown because we felt like it would be a "don't miss" event! we were told that if we went to the iwo jima memorial, we would have a panoramic view of the monuments with the fireworks above! my insides were tingling because i was ready to document with some photographs!!!!!
well, well, well - another one million people got the same advice! we headed out to the metro, umbrellas in tow (yes, did i mention it was raining!!!)...and made our way downtown...we couldn't even get across the bridge because there were SO many people! being the "vertically challenged" person that i am, i wasn't able to snap too many pictures, but jeffrey took some for me - they aren't great quality - but he did a good job of capturing as much as he could! if you look closely, you will see the lincoln memorial!!!!!
better luck next time i suppose! the girls had fun and ella gave it a "thumbs up" on the metro ride home! she thought they were "beautiful"! we may have to stake out a spot a lot earlier next year!

here is what they looked like once all the 4th festivities were over...two sweet little americans...tired as can be! hope everyone had a great holiday weekend and got to make some special memories!


Kari said...

Love the girls matching outfits!!

Kara said...

How fun! I love the girls matching outfits, I miss being able to dress the boys alike (they are too old now)!
Have a blessed week.

Kara-Phil. 4:7

PS. What is your favorite homemade ice cream? My mama made homemade banana for the 4th! Yum Yum