Thursday, July 3, 2008

bits and pieces...

jeffrey's mom, dad, & mema came for their first visit this past weekend. obviously, we couldn't tackle all of the "touristy" stuff so we just hit "bits and pieces"! we did get to go tour mount vernon which was so neat...jeffrey and i upgraded our tickets to a year long membership because we know we will want to go back. it was so rich with history and absolutely beautiful. we might even try to go back for the 4th of july!

jerry & suzanne got to go sightseeing in downtown D.C. one day...and then we met them for a yummy mexican fiesta at cactus cantina!

we familiarized them with our "park routine"...the girls and i usually go once a day. it was fun for ella to show them where we spend LOTS of our time! ella even gave "birth" to a baby while we were there...more on that later!!!!! (wonder who she takes after? HUM?)

the highlight of their visit though, in my opinion, was the fact that i was able to eat at every one of my favorite ICE CREAM shops...i knew they would appreciate it as much as i did! we went to woody's, peterson's ice cream depot, and pop's! it can't get much better than that in my opinion!!!!! we even had ice cream for dinner on two different occasions...i am not sure if that is something i should be bragging about or not - not exactly copacetic with a registered dietitian's food guide pyramid...but at least i got my dairy servings!!!!!!

we hope they had a great time and got to enjoy enough of our nation's capital. at least they got to see it in "bits & pieces"!!!!

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