Wednesday, July 16, 2008

heard & overheard volume 3

ella upon seeing some trash along the road says to me "look mommy, there is lots of glitter"!!!!

ella tells jeffrey to "tickle me more, daddy"..."i need to get my laugh up"!!!!!

ella to madeline: "your eyelashes are so beautiful. they make me want to cry happy tears"!

(motherhood is amazing in these moments...)

we were driving down the road and this is what we heard from the back seat:

ella: "madeline, you have to ask Jesus into your heart so you can go to heaven." "i paused my movie the other day and said a prayer and asked Jesus into my heart."

madeline: "na,na,na"

ella to us: "did she do it?"

ella: "is there any blood in heaven?"


daddy says: "mommy rolled the window up and it made me jerk!"

ella: "daddy, don't say jerk!"


we were out eating lunch the other day and madeline had dropped some blueberry applesauce on the floor. i bent down to start picking it up and ella said "mommy, allow me"! i thought that was too funny!

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tuckerfam said...

ok....can I just say that Ella is one of the FUNNIEST kids in the UNIVERSE!!! I can just hear that conversation about her asking Jesus into her heart....I laughed out loud and then had a PANG of sadness because I MISS YALL so MUCH!!!
Cant wait for our turn in AUGUST!!! I am sure we will get in lots of LAUGHS!!!

I love you guys!