Tuesday, July 15, 2008

back in the saddle again...

we are home and life started right back up where we left off!!!!! no time for gazing out the window in remembrance of what page i was reading the day before or if i was taking a dip in the pool at this time...LIFE started back up - full throttle!!!!!

our flight was delayed MANY hours on our way back home, of course when i was dying to see the girls, and we didn't get home until 2 a.m.!!!!!!!! we finally made it back to our house and had to be up bright and early to get ella to VBS monday morning!!!!!! the whole family was in tow because there was no way madeline was letting us out of her sight just minutes after our reunion!!!! (although - she did call her aunt cookie "mama" a few times on monday!!!!!)

jeffrey and i had such a good time...i read THREE books in the four days we were gone! it was the most relaxing i have done in a long time and i thoroughly enjoyed myself! we had such a nice time visiting with the corley's! katherine and i haven't had a chance to visit like that in years. our hubbies had arranged for us to have a 75 minute reflexology massage and pedicure...all i have to say is "FABULOUS"! i could have stayed in that spa all day long! we had great weather until the last afternoon when we were getting ready to leave...hence the four hour delay! jeffrey got several rounds of golf in so he was happy as well! oh, and jeffrey upgraded our rental car to a convertible so we were cruisin' in style...it was really funny! i was the only part of the duo that had to worry about any hair blowing in the breeze!

aunt cookie (with a little help from gigi on the last leg) did a fantastic job of taking care of our babies! i don't think the kids really even skipped a beat...when i would ask to talk to ella she usually said "no thanks"!!!!! i would rather have her like that than upset the whole time i was gone! i think the girls pretty much get away with whatever they want from their fun loving "aunt cookie"!!!!!! from the looks of things - i believe they got cookies for breakfast...but hey - that is what "great, fun aunts" are for, aren't they?!?!

i definitely see the benefit in taking time for a little "parental tune up"!!!! it is such a fine line though. on thursday, i was sitting under the shade of a palm tree, sipping some ice water, reading my second book, feeling the breeze (ok,ok...just wanted to make sure everyone was drooling...he,he,he) and all of a sudden i had this ache in my heart because i missed my daughters so much. it wasn't at all that i wasn't having a good time...i just missed hearing their tiny little voices and seeing their sweet cheeks. tears just filled my eyes because, in these moments, you can really comprehend the depth of your love for them. it is easy to forget on days LIKE TODAY, how much they add to your life...and then the silence, like that i was experiencing by the pool, opens the door to your heart and allows your memory to be flooded with what a joy being a mommy truly is. i was able to sit with my own quiet thoughts and reflect on what kind of legacy i want to leave for my angels...and then i had to pick up the phone and call them! my smile was a mile wide...gosh, i love those little people!

thanks, hubby for allowing us to get away! it was just what i needed right when i needed it! here's to another 7 years!!!!!!!

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