Thursday, July 3, 2008

girls are gonna have fun...

ella & i had our first official "date" of the summer today. i got a baby sitter to come stay with madeline and ella and i hit the town! after much conspiring, we had our game plan mapped out and we hit the ground running!

we started off our outing with a wonderful trip to target...every good date starts with a trip to the "red bullseye" - doesn't it? i felt it was only fitting being that "tar-jey" is one of my favorite stores in the universe!!!!! gotta start 'em young!!! our cart was loaded with strawberry shortcake snacks, princess baggies, dora plates, and dixie cups...ella has me wrapped!!!!

i told ella that i would take her anywhere she wanted to go for lunch. she chose chick-fil-a. we ordered and sat down...ella took one bite and told me..."mom, i don't like these nuggets...i like the ones we have at home". (morning star veggie nuggets, by the way) i said "why don't you eat your fruit cup then?" she then says..."no, i like our fruit at home better". ok - A for effort i suppose! note to self...pack a picnic lunch from home next time!!!!

the last, but definitely not least, event that ella requested was to go swimming! she has become quite the little fish at the pool this year. she originally told us that she was not going to go under until she was five...she tossed that idea though...and now "dives" under the water like a veteran swimmer! we had such a good time and she was pooped by the time we got home!
i love my TWO girls more than words can say...but i love spending alone time with each of them. i love being able to talk to ella when no one else is fully be present with her...just so i get to know her better. i am filling up the "pages" in my heart making that i will never forget what was important to her at four years, two months, and one week old. one day, she will understand how important she is to me...although that will be many years from now.

until then...i look forward to many more dates with one special little girl. i love you, ella! you make me smile from the inside out!

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Kari said...

Sounds like it was a fun day!! Emma and I had a "date" a few weeks ago and went to Mid America Museum in Hot was so much fun and I enjoyed the special time with her!!