Monday, April 13, 2009

take a little trip...

that's just what we decided to do on friday and saturday! the girls have been on spring break this week, so we wanted to do something special with them...and daddy decided to take friday off so that we could get away!

we headed down to williamsburg to take in a little bit of history -it has been one of the spots that we wanted to visit before we move back to the south. we ate lunch in colonial williamsburg at a cute little cafe that had outdoor was THE MOST BEAUTIFUL DAY to date this we couldn't have picked a better day to be outside!!!!! the weather was absolutely gorgeous! since williamsburg is not geared as much for children, we decided to head to jamestown to visit the site of the first english settlement and powhaten indian village. the girls had so much fun running in and out of the indian huts, touching the animal pelts, and "grinding" corn. they have life size replicas of the ships that the settlers sailed over on from england and once again, the girls were able to "sleep" in one of the tiny bunks and see the captain's quarters...i think daddy really liked this part too! the last exhibit to see was the englishmen's fort. we got to see a musket demonstration and view their living quarters, school house, and church. ella really seems to love history and seems fascinated by the way people lived...she asks SO many questions...which is so cute to jeffrey and me!!!! miss madeline was just excited to be carrying her dora purse, playing with the dirt, and eating snacks!!!!!! it was a wonderful day to just be outside enjoying the amazing weather!!!!

once we finished at jamestown, we drove around the campus of william and mary which was really beautiful and then we headed to our next destination...virginia beach! the beach is only about an hour away, so we thought the girls would have fun playing in the sand for a little bit...and to their amazement - there was even a playground on the beach!!!! we enjoyed the scenery for a while, grabbed a bite to eat, and then headed to any child's favorite part...the HOTEL!!!!

we had promised them a swim in the indoor pool...which i was really excited about...until i put my big toe in...that water was FREEZING!!!!!! they had a ball and jeffrey was a trooper as usual!!! he only tortured the girls momentarily as he forced each one into the deep end!!!!! once we all got bathed and clean, we snuggled into our "heavenly beds"and enjoyed a "midnight snack" of oranges and pita chips!!!!!! it was a bit difficult to get everyone settled down so that we could get some sleep...but finally everyone drifted off to dreamland!!!!!

i love these times with my family...making memories with the girls! even if i am hormonal and sent us on a wild goose chase to find a plain bagel on saturday morning...sounds simple enough - it wasn't!!!!!!!! we won't get these opportunities forever - so for now - jeffrey and i are going to enjoy every second!

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The Davidson Den said...

Love the matching outfits, as usual. I'm noticing the GAP between the girls' heights is becoming smaller and smaller. Funny how that happens, isn't it?