Sunday, April 5, 2009

cherry blossoms...with two little cherries on top!!!!

the cherry blossoms have been in full bloom during the past week...and the festival has brought lots of extra visitors to our town! we decided that we didn't want to miss out, so we headed downtown today to enjoy the beautiful was sunny and 72 degrees!!!!! just what we all you can see from some of our pics...the girls didn't stop moving! we packed a picnic lunch and ate on the national mall on the grounds of the washington monument! there were so many people out playing flag football and was just so much fun to be out in the sun - just a reminder that spring is indeed right around the corner!!!! YEA!

after we finished our picnic, we headed over to a large grove of cherry blossom trees and let ella (and maddie!!!) climb some and play some more! they didn't want to leave...and neither did we...but it was getting late and we bribed them with a popsicle!!!!

the trees really are beautiful...when the wind blows, it is almost like the sky is dropping pink snow. i told jeffrey that spring always makes me think of hope. hope that new life is coming and hope that everything will start anew. the buds on the trees and the small blooms of flowers look so "joyful"...and provide us with so much promise.

i have so much to be thankful for during this season of my life...i am indeed blessed.

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john, julia, and annie said...

They are growing too fast!! How adorable are they, really!!??!! Thanks for your messages, we've missed you guys! Curious what the time frame is for your future and baby sex! Counting down til Annie's arrival. She sure is taking her time, due in just 3 days! You know we'll keep you posted!