Thursday, April 16, 2009

heard & overheard volume 3

there are SOOO many things that i hear from both of my children on a daily basis that i wish i would write down...or at least remember...but these are the ones that i actually did commit to memory.

it would be better if my mind was actually a video camera...but nonetheless, here goes:

ella to her "baby sister "- fairly certain "baby sister" was pestering - her favorite pastime:
"madeline're bugging the wart off a dog"

ella: "mom? when you eat, does the baby chew the food too"
me: "no sweetheart...the baby just gets nutrients from mommy...from my blood"
ella: "what? the baby drinks your blood?!?!?!"

upon jeffrey eating beef jerky in ella's face...."oohh, that's smells like grilled chicken on gross beef" -
priceless!!!!! i couldn't agree more!!!!!

ella: "mommy, today when hannah took a deep breath on the playground...her breastfeeders hurt"...
people, i have to tell you, this one nearly made me wet my pants!!!!!

what a girl!!!!!

**maddie has definitely picked up on the english language and quite frankly, talks non-stop...her new favorite phrase to say is "oh my gosh"...which jeffrey and i neither one want to perpetuate...but it's pretty darn cute when she says it!!!!**


The Davidson Den said...

Boy, did I need to "hear" some hilarious Ella-isms. Thanks! Very cute--as usual.

Kitty said...

Love the "breast feeders!" Cracks me up! My kids used to tell me that one of mine had milk in it, and the other one had apple juice! Go figure!!!