Monday, April 27, 2009

five years of blessings...

on september 11, 2003, i found out for sure that i was indeed going to be a mommy! words cannot even adequately describe how i felt and how i still feel about the fact that my biggest dream has come true...twice...almost three times!!!! as ella and i were playing in the backyard today while madeline took a nap, i just watched her and thought about her last five years. she radiates happiness and she has since the moment she came into this world.

ella smiles constantly...and i think this is just the way she outwardly expresses her inwardly happy heart.

she is compassionate, a very loyal friend and quite frankly - never meets a stranger, is always concerned about others, is the BEST big sister i know, is obedient...and generally makes me really proud!!!!! people, everyone from her teachers to cashiers, are always commenting on how sweet she is...and i think it's because she is just so happy!!!! you can tell that she lives each day to the fullest...and i know that great things are in store for this little girl!

i found this letter that i wrote to ella when she was 18 months old...not much has changed:
as i watched you work so hard to place that spoon inside the bowl you ate your dinner with tonight, i realized how much of a baby you are NOT and i became so filled with love at that moment. i am so proud of you. i am amazed every day at how much you learn even when i am not trying to teach you or when i am not even with you. everyone talks about how bright you are, but even more than that - i marvel at how much you soak up every minute of life. your humor at 18 months is outstanding...we can cue you to laugh, cry, cough, or burp...and we think you are so funny! you are such a loving little can give the greatest wet kisses and the best hugs ever! i don't want a minute to go by that you don't know how much you mean to me or how deep my love for you runs. my existence is better because of you and i look forward to every new, wondrous day with you. you are everything good and pure. i love you...your mommy.

ella - 2 days old
ella at her 1st birthday party!
ella at 2 years old

ella at 3 years old

ella at 4 years old are growing up so very fast, but you are not missing a minute of it! you have the most amazing ability to drink in every ounce of life and i learn from you every day. the twinkle in your eyes and your precious dimples have melted my heart an infinite amount of times...and i thank God for blessing me with the privilege of being your mommy. your ability to find the best in everyone, your willingness to forgive, your patience, your zest for this thing called "life"...leave me many days in awe. how could someone that has lived such a short amount of time be so wise? you have so many special gifts and i look forward to watching you continue your amazing journey. i pray that you never lose your "glass is overflowing" outlook on life...i know that you won't...because that is just simply who you are. simply extraordinary. happy birthday angel...i love you to the moon and back...and then some.

ella on her 5th birthday

she'll always be my baby...


Liz Folds said...

Mere-you amaze me at how you can express your feelings in print! With every word the person reading knows your heart. Ella, Maddie and the little one on the way are so fortunate to have a wonderful mommy like you!
Thank goodness for blogs so that when the kids are old enough they will be able to read your words and know the love you feel for them is infinite!
I'm so proud that you are my niece and I feel blessed.

Aunt Liz

The Davidson Den said...

Oh, sweet Ella, how we miss her so! Please give her SIX big hugs from the Davidsons (since we can't do it in person) and tell her Happy Birthday from "No No" and "Say Say" and the rest of us...

Love you guys!

Jenny said...

She's so pretty! And look at her smile at the top of your blog and your smile in the picture with Jeff - identical. She's going to TREASURE what you've written for her one day. Thanks for all your sweet comments lately!! And I'm going to steal your cookie idea sometime - that's so cute. I wish I had all of your artistic flair.

Kitty said...

How precious! That's exactly how I still feel about my 14 (really?) year old Carson. He's still my baby - maybe not so pure anymore - and I love him just like I did when he was my only baby. After all, he's the one who made me a mommy! I hate to say this (because we've both heard it a million times), but treasure this time. It changes so gradually that you almost miss it!