Sunday, April 26, 2009

a "hole" lotta fun...

to say that i can't believe my first born is five would be an understatement...and i fully intend to put those thoughts on "paper"...but her party was the main event this weekend and we had so much fun! i knew that it was going to be know - feeding 15 children lots of sugar in public...but for the most part, the party was a huge success!!!!

ella was most excited that all of her classmates were there to celebrate with her...and everybody wore their pajamas!!!!! most of the little girls wanted the "pink" donuts and the chocolates were also a huge hit...of course, we had to cut maddie off after two...she probably would have eaten a dozen had we allowed it!!!
i don't think the dunkin donuts employees had ever witnessed a birthday party there one point, they were all gathered around taking in the hysteria...and one was even taking pictures (kinda freaked me out a little!!!)!!

i think it was the perfect place to celebrate one special little girl's birthday...the smiles were more plentiful than the donuts...and that makes this mommy happy!


Mama Mia said...

Looks like a good time was had by all - what a precious idea! Hope she had a very happy b-day! love, Jennifer DeFatta (ps - when you get a minute, please send me your mom's phone #...I really do want to pick up Addison's painting! Thanks!)

Liz Folds said...

Ella looks so grown up! It looked like fun among the chaos!
Tell Ella I loved her phone call thanking me for her birthday present. She sounded so sweet!
Now we have Amelia's first coming up May 20 and I can't believe it! They grow so fast!
Give hugs and kisses to everyone!
Aunt Liz