Thursday, April 16, 2009

"donut" you know...

i am fairly certain that april 26th is on the calendar every year, at the same time...but somehow, this year - ella's birthday really snuck up on me! i really wasn't sure when we would be moving, even contemplated waiting to have her party until the summer, but then decided that it just wouldn't be right...i mean turning FIVE is a big deal! i can still remember my fifth birthday party - it was raining, we had it at johnny's pizza, and someone gave me a HUGE chocolate bar - but that's for a different post...anyway, i just didn't want ella to be disappointed that we weren't having a party where she could invite all her little classmates...thus began the "full throttle, plan this simple party in two days" type shindig!!!!!

thanks to some brainstorming with my good friend was decided that the party should most definitely not be held at our home...ewh...that leaves little option!!!!! chuck e. cheese was ABSOLUTELY not an option we had to get creative...

which is how this idea was born!!!!!

that's right folks - we will be "partying" it up at dunkin donuts!!!! i actually think it will be quite cute and chaotic...and easy on me...which if anyone were to take a peek inside my life right now would realize that's a must!!!!!!! i'm not even going to have a traditional cake - we'll construct something with donuts!!!!!!!

anyway, ella will be distributing these invitations tomorrow...

yes, there is a fresh donut inside!!!! just thought we would give an appetizer!

she is precious and very excited about her "dunkin donuts party"...i just love the way she says "dunkin donuts" actually...makes it all worth it with just that...and she is pumped that she is going to be wearing her pajamas...hands down her favorite clothing of all time!
now don't you want to go eat a donut after looking at these pics...i know i sure do!!!!!


Liz Folds said...

What fun! I wish I could be there but maybe next year when ya'll are closer!
I have a special card coming her way that I think she will really like.

Love to all!
Aunt Liz

Amy Scheel Theriot said...

oh mere! that is precious; too bad we couldn't get a donut in the mail....wish we were there. five years, wow, is all i can say! love you~