Friday, June 26, 2009

"swing batter batter..."

on tuesday night, we planned to take the kids to the washington nationals baseball game. what we didn't plan on was that they were playing the red sox and the game was sold out! after my husband charmed a few of the employees, we were able to score some cheap "standing room only" tickets...but hey, it's all about the food right - who needs to sit down!!!!!!

nate, ella, and maddie had so much fun eating (or inhaling rather) all of the ballpark food and playing on the playground! we didn't see one play of the game...but it didn't was just fun to be there and soak in the sights and sounds! it seems that these "three musketeers" always attract a crowd...and to see the three of them dancing was quite a sight!

as you can see...maddie wasn't going to get within a country mile of these people
i think that the metro ride was as much fun for all of them as the baseball game...oh the simple things in life! it was such a fun night and one that we were grateful to spend with our company!

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