Saturday, June 13, 2009

our trip down south (in a nutshell)...

wow, it's amazing how time can fly when you are having fun! we started off our journey with a week long stay in jackson with some of our favorite people! caleb celebrated his 2nd birthday with a beach bash, we played outside from morning until dark, i logged some major time on the porch swing, and we got to see the mosleys!!!!!!! it was such a fun week...and definitely needed!

we headed over to monroe (thanks to nana!!!) and spent some time with grandparents, aunts, & uncles...the kids always have so much fun there!

then we were supposed to head over the shreveport so that i could take care of some business...aka - closing on our house! well, this ended up taking place an entire week later than we thought!!!!!! obviously, this delayed a lot of the home improvements that i had wanted to start while we were home...but my mom & brooke have picked up the torch and are "awesomely" helping me out by doing EVERYTHING!!!! i appreciate it SO much! fresh paint and hopefully some new windows are just what the doctor ordered to spruce up our new little dwelling!!!!! i can hardly wait to give you the grand tour of our new that we OWN and do not rent!!!!!

after a fabulously fun time at lake bisteneau with some of my/our oldest friends, we headed back to washington. this time there were no tears...funny how that happens!!!!!!

i am so ready for this new chapter in our lives to begin...seemingly much more happy than my husband...we've had a bit of a role reversal...but i know that no matter what, our little family of
"soon to be five" will be happy. after all, we've survived some major valleys...but we've always come out on top!!!!!!

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Kitty said...

If your mom and Brooke get bored, they're welcome at my house!! Can't wait to see the pictures!