Saturday, June 13, 2009

it's a zoo around here...

friday morning, the girls and i set out for an outing at the zoo! two of my girlfriends were going and called to see if we would like to join them. i'm glad i lived to tell this tale!!!! after getting all of us dressed & sun-screened, snacks packed, and the massive stroller loaded...oh, and going to the restroom again (what felt like my 100th time...and it was only 9:45)...we set out! we had to turn around at the end of our neighborhood because maddie announced that she had forgotten her "na" (aka lovie)...and it's like her american don't leave home without it!!!!!!!

we arrived at the zoo...found a relatively close parking place on the street...and had to turn around at the end of the block because you guessed it - maddie left her "na" in the car!!!!! just one of those things...a forgetful 2 year old and a forgetful pregnant mommy...what a combo! as we began our several block walk to the zoo, i got the incredible feeling that i was pushing this massive stroller through the sand. i looked to see what was going on because after all, i'm almost 23 weeks pregnant, i'm pushing close to 75+ pounds between ella, madeline, and the stroller, it's 85 degrees, and i'm no olympiad...but low and behold, TWO of the stroller tires are almost flat!!!! what to do but forge the "sand"!

we finally found our friends...checking out the famous panda bears. i'm not sure who was panting more...the huge animal or me!!!!! the girls got a kick out of seeing the panda eat bamboo and seeing the "baby"! we then proceeded to see the other TWO animals of the day! that's right people...we were at the zoo for approximately 2 1/2 hours and we saw THREE animals!!!! that just made me laugh...but we really did have a fun time! i think the girl's favorite thing...and probably mine...were the misters that we walked through to cool us down!!!!!!!

after some animal viewing and LOTS of walking...we found a nice shady spot to picnic and enjoyed a fun, yummy lunch! of course, my girls wanted to partake of all the other "eats" instead of their own...isn't that just like kids!!!! after i took in water like a camel, i was ready for my trudge back to our car! i can say that i have never been more ready to feel some AC and just take a little rest!

all in all, it was a wonderful yet funny day...and i'm glad we could spend it with friends!

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