Friday, June 19, 2009

new inspiration...

so as most of you have figured out lately..."painting me happy" has turned into more of something like "painting slowly"!!!! between morning sickness and a cross country move invading my life - i just haven't had that much motivation or inspiration to paint!!!! well, my friend jane wanted me to paint a little something for her precious "newbie" that will be here RIGHT in time for us to leave...and i thought i would share it! it turned out really cute...and it's just proof to myself that my creativity has not died forever!!!!!!

i know that life won't slow down anytime soon...settling into our new home and having a newborn ourselves will no doubt take up a bit of my time...but if anyone ever wants a painting - please don't hesitate to ask! it really is a wonderful escape for me...and i LOVE tapping into what seems to be my "lost artist"!!!!

hope everyone has a great weekend!


Liz Folds said...

Mere-adorable as usual! Can't wait to see the family. I will be in the "Port" when ya'll arrive so maybe I can see you and the girls.
EJ's daughter is getting married and I'm coming for the wedding and to help her a few days before.
I'm with your friend about this waiting to see what you're having! I want to know but I know the surprise will be worth it.

Love you all,
Aunt Liz

Kitty said...

You are SO talented! I had no idea!!! You've definitely got to keep up the painting!!

Mama Mia said...

Meredith - too cute! Hopefully when you get settled in Shreveport we can meet up for a quick visit and I can finally get my painting from your mom's house - ha! Sorry, still haven't connected with her! We've been spending a lot of time in Houston this summer anyway, so no biggie!But it would be fun to meet up and catch up, and I do want the painting very badly, despite taking forever to "pick it up"! I can't wait to hang it in Addison's room - now that she is walking/running around, she is still my "monkey girl" and is truly into everything! Hope you are feeling good and hope the big move is going well! Thanks! jennifer (rodman) defatta